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Designed by NEXT ONE, the magnetic car charger is the ultimate accessory that combines wireless charging with the safety of the phone holder. 

One of the key features of the NEXT ONE car charger is its simple adjustment mechanism. It can be easily configured to fit your car's dashboard by squeezing the product and accessories through the ball head nut. Once in place, you can connect it to a QC3.0 car charger (optional) using the included Type-C cable and power it by plugging it into your car's cigarette lighter.

The charger is MagSafe-compatible, making it ideal for wireless charging if you have NEXT ONE cases for the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, or iPhone 12 range. It also works with non-MagSafe cases that have a magnetic ring added to the back. If your phone supports the QI standard, you can use the included magnetic ring for charging.

The NEXT ONE car charger features indicator lights to keep you informed about its status. When powered, the indicator light will illuminate and wait for the phone to be connected. After disconnecting the phone, the indicator light will display the standby status. When the car engine is switched off and the power supply is turned off, the indicator light goes out. However, the phone will still remain magnetically attached to the charger and can be removed at any time.

Travel without worrying about your phone's battery life, as the NEXT ONE car charger automatically starts charging wirelessly once the phone is placed on it. If your phone doesn't support wireless charging or if the charger detects a metallic foreign object, the indicator light will flash alternately for 5 seconds and then turn off. The maximum charging power of the charger is 15W, and the charging efficiency may vary depending on the charging environment and your phone's capacity.

Using the NEXT ONE car charger is easy with MagSafe-compatible cases designed by NEXT ONE. Simply place your iPhone on the charger cradle, and the magnetic suction force will instantly lock your phone in place while aligning the charging coil. Wireless charging starts automatically, and the indicator light comes on, adding a touch of sophistication to your driving experience. It's important to note that the best wireless charging distance is 3mm, and the charger cannot penetrate metal, so avoid using metal or excessively thick (over 3mm) phone cases for fast wireless charging.

The package includes a Type-C charging cable for powering the NEXT ONE car charger. It also contains a MagSafe-compatible charger, a magnetic ring, a fixing component (vent), and a user manual.

For optimal charging experience, we recommended using the MagSafe compatible cases designed by NEXT ONE together with the car charger.

To ensure safe and proper usage, please follow these precautions:
– Do not use the product in temperatures above 60 degrees.
– Avoid using the product in professional racing or extreme off-road driving conditions.

The NEXT ONE Magnetic Car Charger offers an efficient solution for wireless charging in your car, providing a seamless experience.

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